Room Bookings

Law Library Room Reservations

Study rooms are only available for use by currently enrolled Hofstra Law students.  You must use your address when submitting your reservation.

Click on the Law Library Study Rooms link to the left. You will then see a visual display of all the rooms in that group with their availability highlighted in green

Choose the day you would like to reserve, then click on the room and time on the grid to begin making your reservation.

You can click several boxes per reservation, up to a 3 hour maximum per day.  Each group member can make a separate reservation, but please be considerate of other users and reserve no more time than you will actually need.

Smart phone users can use the room reservation QR code.  Scan to check room availability, then book it!

  • Please cancel your reservation if you find you no longer need it.
  • If you do not check in for your reserved study room, your reservation will be automatically cancelled after 15 minutes and the study room will become available to be booked by other users.
  • Please scan the QR code in your reserved room at the time of your reservation to check in.
  • Reservations can be made up to one week in advance.
  • When leaving the room, please turn off the light and close the door.
  • Study rooms are to be left neat and clean when the group is finished. Any Library materials used in the study rooms must be reshelved. Please either correctly reshelve books you have used or place them on the reshelving carts located throughout the Library.
  • Abuse of study room privileges may result in the loss of the use of the study rooms.
  • Reservations may be canceled if the needs of the Law School require use of the room (for example, exam takers). 

In the event of any questions or problems, please email